Prensafutbol: Fútbol (Soccer) news, results and schedules

PrensaFutbolA few days ago PrensaFutbol got it's way into the App Store. It is a neat app to keep track of fútbol news, results and schedules. For more info check out the more detailed post (in spanish).



You Did A great Job
Everytime i go here im excitedThank You Very Much For Showing This Info

Awesome app!!! (la raja la aplicación!!)


Hello Felipe,

Great App.

On iPhone 1.1.4 I used a much more simple version of this app and I loved it!

The only two things I missed in that app was

1. The ability to move items up/down the list.

2. A number next to each list title indicating the number of items pending.


Anyway, as your app gets bigger and with more options, relegates itself to the shop list applications.

I really liked the old version, which I used for everything, not only shop list but to do list, movie list (for renting at blockbuster), etc.

Is there a way I can still have that old version in my 2.2.1 iPhone?

Thanks a lot and keep up with this great job!



Cancún, México


I just purchased this app for my iPod Touch 4th gen and I've gone in and added lists, added items and categories, but I cannot find the "need" and "have" designations.  They do not appear automatically.  How do I find them?  Thanks.


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Candice Crawford’ bridesmaid dress wedding bridesmaid dress wedding;s Wedding gown by Local Design House bridesmaid dresses under 100 bridal bridesmaid dresses , St. Pucchi

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It took month and months of planning and ended with a bang at Arlington Hall last weekend. Of course, I’ m talking about the wedding of Tony Romo and Candice Crawford. Photos are far and few between at the moment but we just got the scoop on the bride’s wedding gown (pictured here). She chose an off-white version of a dress from St. Pucchi’s couture collection and then customized it with the company’s head designer, Rani Totman. Together, they created a keyhole back as well as a detachable semi-cathedral train to complement the Queen Anne collar and deep v-neckline. The new Mrs. Romo knew exactly what she wanted to wear for her nuptials as she had kept a photo of her dream dress for years. “ olive colored bridesmaid dresses olive colored bridesmaid dresses;Crawford was drawn to the Dallas headquartered bridal house St. Pucchi for its craftsmanship, workmanship and professional approach to making clothing, calling Totmanâ blue evening dresses ;€™s designs ‘a work of art.’” St. Pucchi gowns can be found locally at StarDust Celebrations.

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Wholesale full ball gown flirt Prom Dresses for Less. Choose from a dazzling colors variety of long prom dresses, full ball gown prom dresses, flirt prom dresses, pageant dresses and more.

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I mentioned “The Running of the Brides” at Filene’s Basement in my last post and since the one in DC just happened and Miami and Columbus are happening in May. I wanted to give you a couple of tips to see if you really want to invest your time into this event or suggest it to a friend.

You should consider attending only IF :

1) Crowds, pushy, or obnoxious people do not bother you.

2) You do not have your heart set on a white strapless gown.

3) You are not designer obsessed.

4) You fit into traditional sizes.

5) You can figure out what alterations you will need on the gown and guesstimate the price.

Crowds, pushy, or obnoxious people do not bother you. Do you go shopping on Black Friday? Do you wait in long lines to get into stores? Does the idea of going to Disney world turn you off? How about those Jersey shows…do you watch them or are you horrified?

Understand what you are getting into… cheap flower girl dresses for toddlers cheap flower girl dresses for toddlers;some people camp out overnight. Some people are wearing hats so that can identify their “team”. When I say “team”, I am meaning a bride plus 6 or so other people there to find her dresses. There will be men there, guarding dresses. If this environment is not your thing, wedding dresses for cheap stay home. People are rude and obnoxious, if you are not guarding your dresses, someone will take them. Think twice if you plan on attending alone.

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You do not have your heart set on a white strapless gown. A white strapless gown is the “norm”  these days. Just go to The Knot, and look at the number of “Strapless” dresses listed — 1828. The style in second place is “Sweetheart”. When I checked out “Sweetheart”, the majority of the “Sweetheart” styles, they were strapless as well.

Just to put this in context, there are 3390 gowns listed as “Floor Length” and less than 100 gowns that have a “Sleeve Length” casual bridesmaid dresses ; option. Also, from clicking on the various options, it is pretty evident that the majority of the dresses are strapless. This means that manufactures are making a ton of white strapless gowns, but designer gowns are different. Designers want their gowns memorable and want to receive press. Thus, they are often not white strapless gowns. Additionally, some of these gowns are gowns that did not sell in boutiques which means that they tend to be more unusual.

When I attended the Running of the Brides, I watched an olive skinned woman put on a dress. The dress was capped sleeved and an a-line cut. There were no embellishments on the front. The construction of the dress was to die for. The dress fell into a perfect full a-line and held the shape when she moved. She looked amazing in the dress…the only thing different about the dress was that it was the color of latte! On the back of the dress three inches above her waist wedding dress outdoor wedding , there were mini blue flowers made out of tulle. It was really an incredible combination, but completely unique. Her skin tone worked with the latte color and she was BEAMING when she saw herself in this dress.

I had to include this blue Romona Keveza dress. If you saw this dress in a bag, would you shy away from it because it is pale blue? If you did, you might miss out on a winner. Look at the construction and detailing on this dress. If you are fair skinned with dark hair… plus size wedding gown plus size wedding gown;this color would be amazing on you!

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You are not designer obsessed. The name of this dress is “Didi”. It is an original Vera Wang dress. It retails for $5500. Frankly, this dress is not a smart choice. It does nothing for the figure. It is chartreuse–not a very flattering color for most people. If Grandma sees you before you walk down the aisle, she is going to think that the dress is “bunched up” and needs to be pulled down.

You might be able to “nab” this one at the Running of the Brides. However, would you love it 5 years down the road? Is it really that lovely? What are people going to say when they see you? Are people going to think you got a dress at the Salvation Army?  I know I am being extreme regarding this dress…if you are so obsessed with a designer dress you might miss the most important part of your wedding dress wedding dress ….looking good in it! This dress won’t cut it for anyone!

When I was hunting for my dress at the Running of the Brides, there was a bride walking around asking everyone if the dress she was trying on was Vera Wang. Somehow there was not a label in the dress. One woman next to me said under her breath, “Who cares if it is Vera Wang? The dress is awful!” I do not know if the bride purchased the gown or not…

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You fit into traditional sizes. Remember that most of these dresses are either samples or unique items from the couture line.  Sample sizes hover around size 10. A size 10 will allow a petite woman to try it on while allowing a more medium size woman to see how it looks on her. I recently went to a bridal salon and asked if they carry plus size samples. The sales associate said it is really rare for them to receive a plus sized sample even though they have requested them time and time again.

Items from the couture line look incredible on the runway. However, many of the unique style are in low demand and are produced at standard sizes, mermaid style wedding gowns not plus sizes. The beauty of this champagne colored gown on the left  is that emphasizes the hour glass shape. It is a trumpet cut at the bottom meaning that the fabric “pools” around the feet. A designer can cut this gown in a size 24, but it would not capture the beauty of this dress, nor look good on a larger size woman. No matter how beautiful a gowns gowns

gowns for cheap on sale under $140 123_RomonaKeveza131

You can figure out what alterations you will need on the gown and guesstimate the price. This dress is going to be an expensive one to alter. Look at the double layer in the bottom. The first and second layer are in proportion to each other. This means that if your dress needs to be hemmed, the first “tier” is going to need to be hemmed too in order to keep it in proportion. Each of the layers seems to be very ornate at the bottom, so in order to “hem” it, the seamstress is probably going to have to open up the dress at the lower hip area and “raise” it up to hem the first tier.

Since there is a significant amount of embellishment on this dress, some of the detail may need to be hand sewn. Also, if you are “short-waisted”, that band around the waist may pose some problems as well. It might have to be removed to make it look “proportionate” on you. Reconstructing the waistline would be an expensive price tag.

There are two easy tips to help reduce the cost of alterations. The first one is bring your height to 5′ 9″. Most long dresses are cut for a woman who is 5′ 9″. I am 5′ 6″. I wore 3″ heels and did not need my dress hemmed. The second one is understand your proportions. If you are heavy on the bottom and choose an a-line dress, you can probably wear a smaller size. You will only need to alter the “top” of the dress if necessary.  The bottom of the dress will have plenty of give since it is not form fitting.

Did you ever attend the Running of the Brides? wedding dresses redondo beach ca wedding dresses redondo beach ca Would you consider attending discount evening dress discount evening dress? Any thoughts or experiences you wish to share regarding wedding dresses ?

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Such in case mother of the bride dresses become your primary aim when plan for wedding reception then take these stylish inspiration knee length mother of the bride dresses that will create stunning impression.

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Satin Deep V neck with Rouched Bust

Impression Bridal designs elegant Inexpensive wedding dresses wedding dresses to flatter brides of all shapes and sizes. We cater to a variety of tastes, so whether you’re looking for a gown that’s traditional or unique, we have a range of wedding gown styles to suit your personal fashion sense.

Many girls want to purchase discount wedding dresses , however, majority of wedding dresses cost much. Because sellers think brides will buy these wedding dresses, no matter how much they are. At this moment, Open Back Dress seems difficult to be fund. However, if you try your best, you will find many cheap wedding dresses . Now I want to ask you may know the material of wedding dresses one shoulder evening dresses , I will tell you something about chiffon. In the street, many girls wear chiffon dresses, but you may not know the whole thing about this material.

Although many shops say their price is the lowest, some of them do not exactly cut the price. On the one hand, brides will busy doing so many things to prepare their wedding ceremonies; flower girls dresses flower girls dresses on the other hand, they want to purchase everything with lowest price. It seems difficult to do this, affordable wedding gowns affordable wedding gowns prom dresses sales and they also want to buy strapless wedding gowns which has romantic and elegant style.On the whole brides spend a lengthy time attempting to find out their bridal gown credited to the fact which they want it to be perfect.

When choosing wedding dress prom dress online shopping , sexy evening cocktail dresses you should make the most of your natural assets and avoid your shortcomings. Tall and slender brides look stunning in long, lean silhouettes bridal gowns 2011. While shorter brides should avoid full skirts and trains, bridal ball gowns bridal ball gowns opting for smaller details and trims. A V-shaped waist makes you look taller, and you can emphasize a neat waist with a sash, show off good legs with a short skirt, hide plump arms under long sleeves and bony shoulders under high necklines.

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Our site offers prom dresses, wedding/bridesmaid/flower girl/mother of the bride/evening/cocktail dresses for affordable price.

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by Stop of Degree Boss

beach wedding ceremony dresses suggestions

Wedding ceremony is the most auspicious occasion. Rather of the regular wedding party , some of you may well prefer your marriage ceremony at an exotic area with an ocean view. Organizing wedding ceremony on a seaside would convey your concept to your beloved how romantic and thoughtful you are. Although it might sound a extremely distinctive idea but many seashores close to the globe are witnessing the vows of two hearts. Now days it has turn into really widespread for a few to fly down to tropical island and consider their vows on the surface area of beach and sand. The wedding at seashore does not allow you put on lengthy flowing gowns . The wedding is very informal which tends to make it critical to have on something comfy and casual. Trying to keep this in brain, varied ranges of beach marriage ceremony gown are offered which offers refined and classy seem. Some of the wedding dress that could be worn is strapless gown , halter, a single-shoulder gown and ones with sleeves as effectively. Steer clear of putting on headpieces and full formal skirts as this would search out of location.

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With this wedding ceremony trend getting to be far more well-liked, the designers are coming up with modern and distinctive tips excellent for the occasion. For the seaside wedding ceremony, its utmost vital to consider the high quality of material as you might have to travel a great deal and also the fabric should not be out of place in large humidity. The vacation destination brides should shell out some time in market investigation for their marriage ceremony dress so that they can seem trendier yet they ought to really feel like a bride and not like a guest in a party. The seaside marriage ceremony gown ought to be a best merge of elegance and simplicity. The beach marriage ceremony can allow you get pleasure from the sun tan in your comfortable wedding outfit. The marriage ceremony turns into much more personalized with only number of of your shut friends and relatives attending the ceremony. This requires much more frolic and satisfaction. Following the small celebration evening dress fashion , red bridesmaid dresses the newly wed few skips off to honeymoon in their pre-arranged accommodation.

Even although the beach marriage ceremony is quite informal, maternity bridal gown maternity bridal gown make confident to choose the correct equipment with your wedding dress. The bride will look magnificent by plugging some refreshing flowers in her hair. It will not only make you seem refreshing but also will complement the wedding concept. Check out not to tie up your hair fully hot evening dresses hot evening dresses short strapless bridesmaid dresses , rather allow it to movement by natural means. Suitable care should be taken to cover up your wonderful feet. Go for flip-flops or sandals instead of shoes, which will go right with an informal beach wedding gown . This would be the most appropriate selection but it will come in your spending budget as effectively. Also, inform your guest effectively in advance that it would be an informal party otherwise they will conclude up in formal outfit. To make the marriage ceremony livelier, the invitation card should also relate to the theme of the celebration. It really should be vary informal and to supply a more personalized touch give a hand made invitation card. Also approach what you are heading to give to your visitor as favors. A pair of flip-flops or sandal to girls would be a wonderful as well as an affordable concept.

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1 of the distinctive marketing points of a beach wedding is that you really don’t have to considerably thoughtful about your wedding attire. In simple fact, the wedding gown could be picked off the rack for the few with short engagement. You may well even be fortunate to get a best fitting seaside wedding dress without having any require for alterations. Even if alterations are necessary it would be usually minimal and would not consider much of your time. One particular important aspect to think about is the climate. Even if you have planned your marriage ceremony in a stunning day sexy cocktail party dresses sexy cocktail party dresses, the breezes at the ocean may possibly blow off some loosely fitted component of the dress. Search for some better possibilities to avoid this kind of inconvenience. Make sure to pin your hat correctly, if you contemplate sporting one particular. In addition to, opt for the gown as per the time as well. If you are uncomfortable to carry a floral bouquet with your marriage ceremony informal frock, consider handful of lengthy stemmed lilies or white roses beautifully laced with a ribbon. A modest basket filled with roses, lilies or daisies look good as well. In truth, flowers perfectly complement your seashore wedding.

Although providing the order for your beach marriage ceremony dress make confident to request about the anticipated delivery time. Make sure that your wedding ceremony attire is handover to you handful of days nicely in advance. This will give you adequate time for trial and making some alterations if essential. If achievable ask them to give in creating about the arrival time of your dress. Most crucial factor is that it is the most crucial day of your existence so try to make it as special as you can. The best location, ideal man and your ideal dress yellow bridesmaid dresses , there could be practically nothing much more that you could have preferred for.

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Your future wedding dresses beautiful - the main purpose for your pleasure, anticipation plus a pleasant hassel of preparing for that wedding. And getting a marriage ceremony gown - is not an normal buy, and practically a spiritual rite.

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The white wedding gown wedding gown is an icon. A lengthy flowing white dress is among the initial issues that comes to mind whenever you believe of a wedding. And but, a white bridal gown does have particular connotations of purity and innocence in our society, which might lead 1 to wonder if is is acceptable for all brides to wear white. In case you don’t know the origin of the white wedding gown, it dates back to Queen Victoria within the 19th Century. Prior to then, brides wore a gown within the color of their selecting, and frequently it was not even a brand new dress, just their very best dress. The concept of wearing a white gown that was created to be worn only as soon as was 1 of absolute luxury. The color white has lengthy had associations with purity; it isn’t only brides who wear white, following all, but also babies becoming baptized, kids receiving their Initial Communion, and young ladies becoming introduced to society as debutantes.

In the event you go back a couple of decades towards the time when it was deemed mandatory for all initial time brides to be virgins, then yes, white gowns had been reserved for the young and innocent bride. If a woman who was recognized to be a “loose” woman wedding gowns nyc sale wedding gowns nyc sale, within the parlance of the day flower girl dresses monsoon , was to wear a white bridal gown bridal gown , there would surely have been fairly a bit of nasty whispering going on behind her back. Needless to say, second time brides by no means wore white, favoring pastels like light blue or pale pink. Times have changed, nevertheless, and there’ satin strapless cocktail dress ;s no longer an expectation that a bride to be is saving herself for the honeymoon. That specific fiction is particularly difficult to preserve when the couple has been living together for 5 years prior to they tie the knot, as well as much more ludicrous when their kids precede the wedding bells. And but, most initial time brides will nonetheless wear white or ivory gowns. Besides, etiquette would dictate that creating rude comments concerning the bride is really a far higher sin than her option of gown color. So, the answer is yes, online wedding dresses online wedding dresses it’s definitely fine for a initial time bride to wear the gown of her selecting, in white or any color that she likes. (Simply because the corollary to white becoming acceptable for any bride is that no bride ought to be needed to wear white, if she favors an additional color.)

That stated, older initial time brides or those becoming remarried will frequently think about wearing ivory or champagne colored wedding dresses wedding dresses rather than pure white. Not just will they steer clear of any comments concerning the state of their purity, but these colors have a tendency to be much more flattering, elegant, and sophisticated. If a second time bride does determine to wear a white wedding gown, she ought to aim to discover 1 that’ celebrity wedding dresses celebrity wedding dressess much more mature and chic, instead of the sort of princess like gown that could be appropriate on a young ingenue. Slim silhouettes and form fitting styles are extremely elegant in white and will appear much more suitable. Even a White Evening Gown in a beautiful silk could function, particularly when it’s accessorized with classic Pearl Bridal jewelry. Just a little tip for any second time brides: don’t re wear exactly the same bridal jewelry which you did for your initial wedding; it’s much better to treat your self to a brand new pearl necklace which will not be a reminder of the prior wedding. Truly, ladies, nowadays nearly anything goes with regards to wedding attire. The bride can wear white, red, or even black, silver cocktail dresses formal silver cocktail dresses formal if it suits her private style. Even though it has numerous lengthy associations in our culture, within the finish, the color white is just a colormother of bride, and could be worn by any bride who wishes

prom and bridal ;

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Bride features beautiful wedding dress galleries, hundreds of real wedding stories and stunning wedding photography. Plan your perfect wedding here.

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LAHORE:  plus size formal dresses and gowns plus size formal dresses and gowns

The idea of vintage cars and fashion sounded rather ‘racy’ (pun intended) and adventurous for an establishment as sophisticated as the Pearl Continental (PC) to put up with. Much to the dismay of aficionados of the odd like myself, there was hardly any convergence of the two ‘fast items’. The automotive beauties stood pristinely outside the ballroom, awing many a hapless man who entered. It was quite a sight to observe men swooning and ogling at the Ford Mustang from the 1960s, gawking lustfully at the Studebaker, Hupmobile and the Humber Pullman as they stood in the company of an Austin Princess amongst a bevy of other classics.

Inside the ballroom buy quinceanera dresses buy quinceanera dresses, beauties of the mortal kind romped under the spotlight. Yet many bemoaned that there seemed to be no connection between the cars and the fashion. However, Alia Tariq, the public relations director at the PC, rose to the defence: “Fashion and cars do have a lot in common. The young sporty looking, yet classic cars represent the pret line of work, while the vintage classics relate to the traditional bridal couture. Vintage cars add a new dimension to the whole experience and were a great attraction for the people.”

While the event was held to launch a new sunscreen, SpectraBAN by Stiefel, the fashion show made no reference to the brand itself, apart from gifting a generous basket of goodies to the women in the hall. The show featured two of fashion’s most exciting talents: Ali Xeeshan and Munib Nawaz, designers who are known for being eccentric and energetic on the ramp. “To associate these designers with the new product seemed appropriate because they are equally popular among the target audience the brand is catering to — women on the move,” said Tariq. “Besides, casual wedding guest dresses one needs to encourage these designers as we see the more established names left, right and centre already, all the time.”

Munib Nawaz opened for the night, doing what he does best: presenting a line of daring clothing in lusciously hued kurtas and blazers for men. Nawaz is known for his magic with men, but for the first time, he chose to venture into women’s wear by presenting a three-tiered showcase of western and eastern casuals and an eastern formal line for women.

Interestingly, the female models donned the male kurtas, opening up a new market for Nawaz which goes in line with the androgynous look for the season. But androgyny aside, many women, particularly from an art background, have been known to sport their signature loose fit male kurtas. In his resort collection for women, Nawaz, a true maverick, remained restrained and conservative in his monotone choice of colour for women and instead went wild with a techno acid pallete of reds and oranges for men’s blazers. Xeeshan brought his most celebrated collection, The Phoenix, onto the ramp with variations in style and silhouette, incorporating prints and shawls that he had showcased at his most recent showing at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. The first half of his collection featured his pret line in his noted crushed silk look with tunics and jumpsuits, while the second half was a formal presentation of the bridal and trousseau wear that Xeeshan does for Crimson’s clothing line. While the clothes were marked heavily with Xeeshan’ celebrity dresses gowns sale celebrity dresses gowns sales signature edgy style, with each passing presentation, it has become clear that the man is a genius with accessories. Whether it’ dresses semi formal ;s faux parrots or the more practical, yet stunning mirror and gota jewellery that Xeeshan’s used for Fashion Week and the Bridal Couture Week, he’ evening plus size dresses ;s certainly got a knack for creating a perfect awe-inspiring look. This time around, the eccentric craftsman utilised ordinary kaam walay pearls to create mughlai jhumkas and maatha patis for a glorious regal bridal look.

In spite of a satisfying fashion presentation, one couldn’t help feel disappointed that the vintage cars were not used more creatively for the show. Perhaps they were too valuable to become a more integrated aspect of the fashion showcase cocktail evening dress cocktail evening dress, plus size cheap dresses yet one hopes that other’s pick up on the idea and deliver a more conceptual show in the future.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 14th, 2011.

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