Taking your lists with you to 2.0

ShopList iconI'm frequently asked how to take your lists from gray ShopList (iphone firmware 1.1.4) to green ShopList (iphone firmware 2.0). For the time being there is no easy way. The only  method right now involves ssh and an email to me. If you have ssh access to your 1.1.4 phone backup the file /var/mobile/Library/ShopList/shoplist.data before upgrading to 2.0. For those with no ssh access to their 1.1.4 iPhone I'm working on an alternative solution that will involve uploading your data to a web service I'm in the process of setting up

Once you have your shoplist.data, if you need your lists right now there is a way, again involving ssh, to get your lists to your 2.0 iPhone. First, e-mail (fsaint@gmail.com) me your shoplist.data and I'll convert it to the new format for you and send you a file called ShopList.sql. Now you will need to copy ShopList.sql to /var/mobile/Applications/1C3D2BBA-0980-47C7-8CBA-E626524DBE59/Documents through ssh.

I know, it is all very complicated right now, but It will get simpler. So, if you are not confortable in some way with the mentioned procedure, I'm in the process of making a simpler and more convinient one, so hold on!



can't add quantities (yes, function is selected in list prefs) and app won't allow keypad to be retracted after making an entry (so can't see the copy button)

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I have been using Shoplist from my jailbreaking days and then continued to use it when I went "green."  I now have an iPhone and would like to migrate the very extensive shopping list (more than 130 items) to my iPhone.  How can I do that?




We are a trio of girls who've been friends since school.Over the years we have sometimes drifted apart, each finding her way in the new settings of where college and work took her. But in the last three years we have come to share a close if not closer friendship than we used to share back in school.  prom dresses prom dresses We are also in the dreaded "marriageable age" bracket. And it turns out both of my friends are keeping the promise we made over 10 years ago i.e. to make each other the bridesmaid at our weddings. Now 10 years ago that seemed ideal that however does not seem to ideal now.

The wedding in question is going to be a rather a tacky affair, from the wayward friends of the groom to the hideous red shoes of the bride-it is going to be an affair to remember for all the wrong reasons. Knowing this and the fact that I have nothing in common with anybody in the wedding party having stopped hanging out with them a decade ago is only adding to my dread.

Don't ask me what the bride's dress looks like, tea length prom dresses i wouldn't know. She's being secretive and evasive as though seeing her dress is going to make me head straight out grab the same one ,drag a man to the altar and get hitched! Its ridiculous and maybe I'm too blame at least in part. The day she announced she was getting married I asked "to whom?". She's been with the same loser for nearly ten years, contrary to the many warnings and persuasions of us. An offer to draw up a pre-nup of sorts was met with a firm "no, we are going to be together forever".Would you marry the man who encouraged your brother to smoke just so they could "hang out together" and have something in common? Better sense has not prevailed and so we approach the wedding, her friends with their misgivings her with the utter madness that comes over brides who don't see past the wedding day.

Questions about where they will live after the wedding are met with 'rent-free in a neighbours spare house for a while' uhmmm are they squatters now? Honeymoon Plus Size Wedding Dresses ? plus size dresses uk plus size dresses uk Oh in a while, we are spending all the money on the tacky red shoes and providing joints for all guests at the wedding! Ok so the joints part is me being mean but you get the picture. And so we arrive at the part I most dread- the maid of honour dress! Reading my dreadful behaviour you would think I'd be put in something akin to a neon blue meriangue complete with hat and umbrella, turns out I'm not though what she has chosen is only a step better.

Granted I dont know much about a wedding but even I know that dresses that are above the knee with white and red roses all over scream day time, summer wedding...she's getting married in the middle of December! I received the picture of the material (she's having them made bespoke, which isn't much everyone in India has them made that way since bridal shops catering to white weddings don't exist). After 15 mins of sobbing,cursing my luck and a slight nervous breakdown  later I decided to be honest with her. I asked her if I could be honest (i know i know I've been too honest before but I'm learning, the effects of the boyfriend are truly telling) and said that I disliked the material and it was too summer-y for a winter wedding. I hinted towards self coloured a la Catherine Middleton style. Nope she says her mum and finance (He's wearing a khaki suit in winter what does he know?!) have said no white except for her...uhmm apprently self delusion is also important in the wedding preparations.

The third component to our trio married last year, both the bride to be  now and I had beautiful navy blue satin gowns that wispered elegence and class...having moved countries since her wedding without the possibility of attending the dreaded wedding in December Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses , baby bridesmaid dresses she laughs at my predictament and reminds me of how she didnt embarass me. Easy for her to laugh she moved countries!

And so with measurement day fast approaching I'm left with three choices:

1) Flee the country and hide out somewhere(at the third components home maybe?)

2)A marriage of convenience...get out off the wedding party list and finish the starter marriage all in one!

3) Give up and give in...I've already broken the 'thrice a bridesmaid, never the bride' rule so what was I expecting? simple mother of the bride dresses simple mother of the bride dresses A sadate toga style chiffon dream quince dresses ? Well one can always hope...

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As lengthy as possible apply your sensitivity on selecting the wedding gown , you will discover a well known and luxurious A line wedding dress wedding dress which brings your large day look splendid luster and allurement. Keep neutral and dispassionate while hearing advice from shop assistants simply because they always sell the most costly styles despite the fact that you will find other cheaper styles that suit you best. Have patience in evaluating prices, materials and detailed add-ons because you will not get this to purchase again throughout your existence. Certainly, you would like and deserve a distinctive search for wedding. red prom dresses 2011 red prom dresses 2011

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Your future wedding dresses beautiful - the main purpose for your pleasure, anticipation plus a pleasant hassel of preparing for that wedding. And getting a marriage ceremony gown - is not an normal buy, and practically a spiritual rite.

ANY lace wedding dress Can make Your Wedding Classy

Getting married is a special time throughout anyone’ wholesale bridal gowns wholesale bridal gownss life and one of the exciting parts is choosing your wedding dress . When you evaluate all the designs and options you could have, you might be somewhat confused as to where to start. If you wish to get something intimate and whimsical, on the other hand, a lace wedding dress lace wedding dress is definitely the way to go.

2011 wedding gowns wedding gowns appear in all shapes and forms, but the lace ones will have a flowing as well as romantic feel for you to them. They can usually feel a little old fashioned, but if you ultimately choose the right style and some interesting beading plus embellishments, you can offer a truly stunning wedding dress.

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lace wedding dresses lace wedding dresses 2011 are very expensive as effectively, so you can opt for just portion of the dress getting lace on that. You can produce the sleeves from lace to ensure that your arms exhibit through slightly. You can also just use bits of lace to line the bottom of the skirt, or to place around the neckline to create it softer plus much more feminine.

Choose your mermaid lace wedding dress wedding dress to match your wedding. In case you are getting married for a beach, bridal gowns bridal gowns or in the garden anywhere wedding dresses boutique wedding dresses boutique prom dresses in san antonio , flower girl dresses usa you might prefer to have a smaller ankle length apparel. Of course you can get a knee length dress to generate it more unconventional and always bring touches of lace here and right now there.

What you can also do for the lacy effect mother of the bride dress style mother of the bride dress style, is usually to use the lace to the veil or against your garter instead of for the inexpensive wedding dress . You could make the entire dress up from satin as well as another fabric after which have a one of a kind, plus size prom dresses 2011 eye catching wide lace veil . This gives you a soft, romantic look and also be great in your wedding photos.

When you are searching for your perfect strapless lace wedding dress , shop cocktail dress you should decide if you want a lot of lace or some, it will help you save some time in the end.

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