ShopList goes 2.0


ShopList iconToday I submited ShopList (codename green ShopList) to the AppStore with the hope of making it available in as soon as posible. The new version comes with a bunch new features suggested during the last couple of months by users. In addition to the usual multiple lists organized in the cool Need/Have fashion, lists can be organized in categories. This categories, can be orderd in any way, for example, to match how your favorite store is organized. Also, green ShopList can keep track of quantities and prices to get all you need and fit your budget.

Green ShopList Prices




Bought it, love it and wrote the first appstore review


thx for mail.


A very familiar produce to the jailbreak version, and I loved it and this one even better. However, I do see a few of things I'd like tweeked. When typing my items, I like to have all words capitalized in the Catagories and for the Product Item Name - utilize the spacebar to capitalize the next letters.

Make the return key on the keyboard navagate to the next item on the screen and not only make the keyboard disappear when entering new items in your list - in its place, put could a keyboard icon or swipe motion be made to activate the keyboard off and on?

When I select "Save and add another item" I would like the curser active in the Item Name field and have the keyboard popup - this will help speed up adding numberious items to a list (This idea could be applied to when creating new lists as well).

I would like to be able to Edit the name of an already created Catagory instead of deleting it and recreating it.

I add info to the Item Description field, my final list may have large and smaller size font. It would be easier to read the list if it was all in the smaller font and a little more pleasing to the eye as well. I was wondering, If making it possible to copy selected items from lists to a new list could be done?

Sometimes I purchase the same products in different stores. Instead of having to recreate all the same items like, breads, meats, etc, it would be nice to see the products be a database of it's own that can be added to multiple lists.

I truly like what you have done with this app so far.



Hi there. I'm not sure why a price total shows for all items I put a price to them? Would it be more useful to only show the total price for the items I don't have, giving me an close estimate of what my shopping bill might be? I've tried to decrease the total by unchecking items and clearing the price, but it increased the total.

I've removed the prices from the two items I tested this feature on, now I can't remove the total of 19.88 off my screen. This issue really needs to be addressed!!



by swipe and delete, but then you have uncheck anything still checked and start over.  See my comment below.


I do really like this app, but there are a few issues that need to be addressed.  I agree with everything Warren said above, with the addition of the following:

- Unchecking an item doesn't remove it's cost from the total. The only way I have been able to update a total is to swipe and delete it. Unfortunately, it doesn't recalculate the total, so I also have to manually uncheck all the items and recheck them to get my correct total back.  This makes the running total essentially useless for me because there is no easy way to remove a checked item from my list if I go over budget or just change my mind about buying it.

- If a list doesn't have Use Categories enabled, the Need/Have, Need and Have buttons don't show up on the bottom of the screen.  I would think that you'd still want to ability to toggle between these screens even if you aren't using categories on that list.

- When you create a new item the cursor appears in the last field you edited in the previous item, so if you last entered or edited the Item Description, the cursor will appear in that field on the new item page.  It's a minor thing but it should automatically alway appear in the Item Name field (or not at all).

- I might be completely missing something but I have yet to see anywhere that I can enter quantities for my items.

- There should be a way to access the list of categories (add, edit, reorder, etc.) without first having to create a new item.

There are also a few features that I'd love to see added.  I agree with others that have mentioned the ability to have a database of items that could be added to any list.  I also would welcome a location aware/price comparison feature, which would allow you plan your lists to buy items from the store that offers the best price.  It's a pain to try to keep track of what store has the best price on which items and it would be incredibly useful to have that information in your pocket when out shopping.

Overall, I really like this app and it has wonderful potential.  It still needs work but I believe you when you say that you'll fix bugs and listen to suggestions.  It's only the second app I've been willing to pay money for, so that says something. :)


is the ability to reorder items in a list that has Categories disabled.  Some of my lists are too short to need categories but I'd still like the ability to have them listed in some kind of order (alphabetically, by price, manually, etc.).

Thank you for taking the time to read our bug fix and feature requests!


I think I'm getting the hang of it now. It is so refreshing to see a developer that is very responsive to the end user.

Keep up the good work!



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Lipsy loves fashion. Fashion loves Pixie Lott. Pixie Lott loves Lipsy. Well, there is this amazing trio that combined results into gorgeously unique looks specially created for girls who want to have fun with their styling. Whether it's a dinner, a date or a night out with the friends, Lipsy provides all you need in order to feel sexy and confident. And the latest Pixie Lott for Lipsy summer 2011 collection is the perfect example in this sense.

There must be passion into fashion and this is what seems to bound Pixie Lott and Lipsy. The 20-year-old singer flawlessly embodies the spirit of the young British brand bringing her third clothing line for spring/summer 2011 . But, who is the Lipsy girl? She is fun, celebrates life, loves to party, self-confident, embraces her figure, she feels sexy and glamorous. And Lipsy considered the 'Mama Do' singer as being the right reflection of this depiction.

Since coming into the public eye Pixie managed to quickly become famous not just for her music, but also for her unique, retro-chic fashion style . Her latest collection for Lipsy for summer 2011 is divided into two distinct, utterly feminine lines. The first one called 'California Dreaming' contains comfy, romantic, festival-appropriate clothes, while the second one, 'Pixie Party', has sexy, elegant spring dresses 2011 spring dresses 2011 0 for special occasions. From casual, 2011 prom dresses under 100 2011 prom dresses under 100 baby bridesmaid dresses baby bridesmaid dresses comfy maxis and jumpsuits to one shoulder drape and embroidered spring dresses 2011 spring dresses 2011 1, there is something for every fashionista.

Absolutely lovable is the Pixie Festival line that perfectly captures the Californian, summery mood. Breezy fabrics, informal wedding dresses under $200 animal prints, boho florals, crochet, soft ruffles, dusky pinks, sweet lace represent the main ingredients of this deliciously beautiful collection with a vintage flair. 'California Dreaming' brings jumpsuits, maxi evening dresses 2011 evening dresses 2011 5 wedding dresses 2011 collection , sundresses, jumpuits , wide legged trousers, hotpants, crop tops, and comfy tees, proving that festival dressing can be chic. Our ultimate crush is a playful combination prom dress gold prom dress gold: burnout parrot tee and animal printed shorts.

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The shoot for the Pixie for Lipsy spring/summer 2011 campaign was made in Ibiza, Spain. The young singer looks stunning both in those romantic, festival outfits and in glam, spring dresses 2011 spring dresses 2011 9. As we have seen, the Lipsy girl is fun and out to party and this seems to be the thing that inspired the 'Pixie Party' line. We can find some of this season's hottest trends, brights and color blocking, but also classic whites and blacks.

It's time you stand out from the crowd with va-va-voom colors and dazzling embellishments. Make a special appearance in a sexy bandeau evening dresses 2011 evening dresses 2011 6 as seen in the Pixie for Lipsy summer 2011 collection. Whether you choose the bold bright print with the ruched detailing dress or a turquoise tier beaded one, the wow-effect is the same. Other key elements in this line are stunning one shoulder and cape sleeve evening dresses 2011 evening dresses 2011 0, perfect for partying in style. Moreover, new homecoming dresses beaded details, neckline and deep V backs, peter pan collars, prom dress designers prom dress designers and embroidered chain trims are elements that add a sophisticated vibe.
If brights are not for you brown bridesmaid dresses , there will always be the timeless, classic option. Turn heads in a simple yet eye-catching jewel collar shift evening dresses 2011 evening dresses 2011 1 in black or white.

The oh-so-adorable and most desirable piece in the Party Line? A Pixie playsuit in light pink, with cut outs to the shoulders, embellished detailing, and an ultra flattering style with fitted waist. Cute, sexy and head turner!

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Photos courtesy of Lipsy

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Your future wedding dresses beautiful - the main purpose for your pleasure, anticipation plus a pleasant hassel of preparing for that wedding. And getting a marriage ceremony gown - is not an normal buy, and practically a spiritual rite.

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SO to Hollywood where the MTV Movie awards took place at the weekend. And while the Oscars are all about flowing ballgowns the MTVs were all about the mini dress .
Our gold star for red carpet fashion goes to Cameron Diaz, beautiful wedding gown beautiful wedding gown plus size wedding dresses plus size wedding dresses star of new comedy Bad Teacher. She not only looks super-hot (as ever) but like she is having a great time in her cute 3:1 by Philip Lim playsuit.

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Also looking good on the red carpet and we can hardly believe we are sayuing this - was Twilight star Kristen Stewart. She looked sexy in her fierce red bandeau dress by Balmain adorned with thusands of safety pins.

Reese witherspoon looked fresh and youthful on her green leopard ptrint bustier style dress while Emma Watson rocked a white embellished mini dress by Marchesa - although we might deduct paints for her boring hair (bored of that crop yet Ems flower girl dresses monsoon ? v-neck flower girl dresses wedding dress materials wholesale wedding dress materials wholesale cheap plus size prom dresses cheap plus size prom dresses short corset dresses for prom ).

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Meanwhile Blake Lively was her ever stunning self in a bright blue bandage style dress by Michael Kors and purple heels - making us green with envy for her perfect pins and showing us exactly why she has hooked Leonardo di Caprio.

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