Prensafutbol: Fútbol (Soccer) news, results and schedules

PrensaFutbolA few days ago PrensaFutbol got it's way into the App Store. It is a neat app to keep track of fútbol news, results and schedules. For more info check out the more detailed post (in spanish).

Response to ..iTouch..

ShopList icon..iTouch.. asked in the iTunes page is it is posible to set up a price for an item and have it persist when you make yous shopping list again. The answer is yes, a price is set for an item until you change it.

iGloo is out!

icono iglooiGloo it is finally available at the App Store as a free app. iGloo is an iPhone application I wrote to add content to the Bligoo social content manager, where, for example I host and manage this site. With iGloo you can make a post with a picture either directly from the camera of from your photo gallery in addition to text and tags. I made a little video to show iGloo (some of the video text is in spanish but the iGloo is avaiable in spanish and english). To use iGloo you will first need to create a Bligoo acount here.

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ShopList 1.2 is out, and it is goooood!

ShopList iconShopList 1.2 is available at the App Store. This release improves in many of the aspects that where confusing about 1.1. I think it is a great release with many usability improvements. Hope you guys like it as much as I do!

A perfect Sunday

ShopList iconI'm very pleased with how the new version of ShopList (1.2) is comming. I went to do my groceries with my dear wife and we did an on-site test; the results were excellent. The new version fixes a bunch of things are awkward with version 1.1, specially in relation to price management.

Managing prices with the iPhones limited screen space is challenging but the feature is getting better and better. 1.2 is planned to go for revision this week and out for download probably by next weekend. I'm really exited about the new version!

A guided tour to ShopList (in 2 minutes)

ShopList iconI like the AppStore, but I think it is missing the key feature of allowing users to try the software for a couple of days before buying it. I think allowing for that would make the whole process more transparent and appealing. Anyway, to show how cool ShopList is, I made a 2 min video, so if you want to see how it works, check it out! 

About the two most confusing features in ShopList (and how they will be fixed)


ShopList iconI receive many emails from users and I enjoy all of them. Those emails (and messages in this blog, and reviews) are my primary source for feeling what is good and what is wrong with ShopList. Since ShopList was released I have come with two main sources of confusion that need special attention and I'll describe them and the solutions I came up with.

Subtracting from the total


Why does uncheking and item (moving from Have to Need) does not subtract from my total in a list with prices? Well, there is no real good answer. The main issue is when should is subtract? Sometimes I want to get something I bought and remove it from my cart just because I changed my mind: in this case it should subtract. But if I'm adding an item to my Need list because I just remembered I need it, it should not. This two cases need to be distinguished to be able to subtract correctly.

My plan for a solution goes as follows. Items in the Have section that are part sum for the current total will have a light blue background color. Items that are not part of the total will just be the regular white (see picture).


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GeoPedia in the AppStore

GeoPedia IconI'm very happy to anounce that GeoPedia is available for download in the AppStore as a free app. GeoPedia is very simple application that will find articles in Wikipedia about things near you. For that, it uses the iPhone's location services. I use it a lot when traveling, and it gives you a nice cultural feeling of your surroundings.


Taking your lists with you to 2.0

ShopList iconI'm frequently asked how to take your lists from gray ShopList (iphone firmware 1.1.4) to green ShopList (iphone firmware 2.0). For the time being there is no easy way. The only  method right now involves ssh and an email to me. If you have ssh access to your 1.1.4 phone backup the file /var/mobile/Library/ShopList/ before upgrading to 2.0. For those with no ssh access to their 1.1.4 iPhone I'm working on an alternative solution that will involve uploading your data to a web service I'm in the process of setting up

Once you have your, if you need your

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Green ShopList

ShopList iconGreen ShopList is out! For 2.99 is available at the AppStore. I know, I know it took for ever, but better late than never is what they say. I think the new features are awesome and people will like it even more than gray ShopList.

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